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 Official SWTOR Rules

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PostSubject: Official SWTOR Rules   Mon Aug 08, 2011 9:13 am


taking into account on reading these rules, that no one person is exempt from following these rules, even the moderators that check to see if people abide them, must follow them, even up to the admins that run this forum know the rules and keep to them. As a reach out from one to another, keeping by the rules is easier on everyone, with less rule-breaking the more the role-play can be simple and fun for all users.

  • We only accept one account from each member, we do have each IP address of each member to track these things. We ask that you refrain from making another account and only keep one.

  • During role-playing posts, we ask that you be considerate to the storyline and present a well written paragraph (we consider 3-5 sentences a paragraph). For the sake of other role-players we ask that you use proper grammar (English only). Posting long posts allows whoever is responding something to work with, rather than trying to work with one sentence.

  • This is an English only forum, we are not discriminate of other nationalities languages, we just maintain American (and those that speak English) users that are around us. Sometime in the future when the site is bigger, we will put forth into making a translator for more national members to be able to participate.

  • We here on SWTOR strongly disagree with discrimination. Here on the forums (anywhere on the forum) we do not tolerate discrimination, that goes for, no race comments, no racial slurs, sexist comments, nationality comments, religious bashing, discriminating posts or pictures that are posted, nudity of both men and women (nude pictures) or any other discriminating piece of evidence is found, you will, without warning, be banned from the site and have your IP address blacklisted preventing you from returning to the site. Please be kind to other members, we are a family here and will respect one another.

  • We will not allow any adultry on the forum, this goes for pictures, videos or other media related nudity, if caught with images or posting you will be removed from the forum and blacklisted.

  • We do not appreciate god modding, nor does other role-players that may be on this website. The general concept of god modding is where you are invincible, unbeatable and the strongest force out in the galaxy (exg. Anakin on Roids). We ask that you make the role-playing FAIR for all users, that means you can get hurt, you can get killed and you can be actually hit during the role-play. If you are caught god modding you will be removed off the role-play, you will remain on the forum until you role-playing account is unbanned (10 days max).

  • We do not allow advertising on the forum, though we do allow affiliates (friend sites, buddy sites, similar websites to ours). We ask that you do not spam our threads with your links or images or whatever form of advertising you may use, your post will ultimately be deleted and your account banned without second thought, so if you must advertise, please go to another site for that.

  • Please refrain from using COLOR fonts, they are for the use of Moderators and Game Masters, please do not use color or underlined fonts, thank you.

  • Begging for a rank up will of course not give you a rank up, this goes for pestering high ranks (mods or masters) to raise your skill level or give you additional skill points, if you are caught doing this you will drop one level and have 5 skill points taken away from any field we find suitable as punishment, you will have your points given back after a due amount of time.

  • This forum may contain violence, so we ask that everyone keep it to a PG18 level, we allow romancing in the forum, though it is mild (ex. kiss or hug) nothing too excessive, if you are caught posting mature related content or within your role-playing posts we will remove it and remove you from the role-play for an balloted 10 days.

  • We here at SWTOR believe strongly in the chain of command, not for its rules over people, but rather for its use of keeping things in order and much more simple than un-ordered role-playing. Chain of command is put into effect in and outside of role-playing, there for if a mod requests that you do something, please be responsible and do as told, fighting with a moderator will get you nowhere but banned.

  • We ask that as for character customization that you keep everything strictly OC (original character) we do allow exceptions such as you are allowed to have an image of a SW character from the movies or games, though you must make a completely new back-story and name for this character.

  • Keep the role-play to what it is, we ask that you not make anything that is not star wars related, you will follow our character customization chart for allowed species and traits, thank you.

  • Moderators and Administrators have the final say in everything, this goes for any content that may be on the forum, we ask that you listen to them thoroughly and do as instructed.

  • Having fun is the key for this role-play, so be yourself and be friendly, make friends and follow the rules and everything will be a pleasure, and certainly joyful to have you a member on our forum.

Congratulations, you have finished reading the rules, which means you are ready to go make your character or check out other content around the forum. Kudos to you SWTOR member!
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Official SWTOR Rules
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