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 Galen Kento (WIP)

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Galen Kento


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PostSubject: Galen Kento (WIP)   Mon Aug 08, 2011 6:08 pm

Full Name: Galen Kento
Faction: Jedi Order
Homeworld: Naboo
Age: 22
Date of Birth: 3,022 BBY
Species: Human
Height: 5'7
Weight: 184 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Skin Color: Fair
Weapons: Two silver lightsabers
Siblings: Celeste Kento (Mother: Deceased), Malock Kento (Father: Decased)
Other Occupations, Affiliations: Rogue Fox Figher Squadron (Co-Pilot, Engineer)
Known Masters: Master Rahm, Master Anzate (deceased)
Known Apprentices: None

Character Biography:

Galen Kento is a human male born in the year of 2.987 BBY on an isolated planet of Naboo. Galen is the first born son of Celeste Kento and Malock Kento. Galen has the potential of becoming one of the strongest force sensitive users of his time (era). Galen was born a few years before the Great Galactic War, to which he would later grow up to play a major role within. Galen's parents, both mother and father were a part of the Jedi Order before the Surge of the Order a few years before Galen's birth, which in turn caused the spread of the Jedi to move across the Galaxy and losing valiant members of the order, thus making both Malock and Celeste to leave the Jedi Temple in seek of refuge away from the Jedi Surge. Upon their move away from what seemed like savaging warfare, moved their lives away from the Temple to present day Naboo, which in their move came the conception of Galen.

Galen had both dominant parents who were exceptionally talented with force sensitivity, they had the ability to project their usage of the force to extreme levels, to which both genetics were passed down to Galen which was a promise that he would be prominently gifted in the ability to use the force, to which would later be discovered. Despite the tremendous force projection ability, Galen lacked a defensive edge to his lightsaber skills, though at the same time keeping his attack and form mastery at a moderate level.


Galen at the age of five was already showing signs of potential in being a force sensitive child, though with no surprise in Celeste and Malock's reaction, they were both force sensitive beings it was no doubt that their child would be knowledgeable in the fields. At this age, his force powers were that of below average, lifting only small objects such as the wooden toys his father used to make him, which compromised of wooden swords (to which proved to be a favorite amongst all of his collectibles), these would act as childhood preparations of the lightsabers he would be using in the years to come. Galen was generally outside, with his natural youth curiousity would sometimes without notice use his force genetic powers that would move objects unnaturally, such as rocks, stones and small plants. Celeste and Malock's worry of him was not that of a general parents worry, simply because they knew that despite his young age he would not cause trouble or much less cause it, with the innocence of a child and the heart of one, there was no need to bring trouble about.

Galen was home schooled by his mother, while his father Malock, worked with the local species, which were of his own race of Humans, Twi'leks and others that worked along his line of social duties, such as cleaning and sweeping the streets of Naboo in search of criminals. Celeste taught her son what was generally taught in the public and private schools of Naboo, though with the fact that Galen was a force sensitive being, he was taught other things in place of what others would see as Math and Physics, he was learning force projection skills for his age, such as the ability to look into himself and use the force abilities that he was born with, moving objects with his mind and various tasks that his mother had shown him. With the years passing and Galen aging, the lessons started moving up in difficulty, with his age rising and his skills following suit, he was in need of better teaching.

Galen has at this point been aging slowly, now being the age of seven, he was still receiving teachings from his mother, which was also increasing in number of tasks to the point where he had exceeded the training plan and sought past her teachings. To which his father, him being more skilled in the force and knowing a tab bit more than his loving wife, would pass on his teachings to his son, thus exceeding his knowledge of the force even more. Though Galen was not taught proper sword techniques though mainly it was force adapting and usage skills that would raise his skill even higher.

Galen was now at the age of ten and there was bringing a big major change into his life, Celeste had the idea that they were to move away again, go somewhere that people would think nothing of going to, somewhere quiet and underpopulated. Corascaunt was on her mind, to which Marlok agreed, thinking it would be best for them to get away, move someplace that they can find their final resting point of peace and live out the rest of their lives as a family, a loving family. Little did they know that moving to Corascaunt would be the last place that they would find peace, though for the time being, they didnt think much of the threat that was being opposed over the planet, nor will they expect what will be happening to them all.

Galen wasnt too fond of Naboo, though it being his homeworld he was to cherish the thought of it, the people there were a majority of his race, human, something that Galen was pleased with the idea with. Marlok didnt neccesarily hate Naboo, though he didnt find it his place of comfort, that of course could be blamed with his After the Order profession of hunting down criminals, becoming a natural force sensitive bounty hunter (not exactly of course).

It was not long after the proper preparations were ready, such as home items and clothing, that was all that they really needed. The move was not that much of a major impact on the family, it was not that they seen Naboo as some historical place of wonder, nor did they find it very appealing after their long stay there of many years. So after this was all finished and done, the family had purchased a small aircraft "Talon Switch" with some of the Republic Credits that Marlok had saved from his bounty hunting days on Naboo. With the purchase of the Talon Switch, they embarked on the long trip to Corascaunt.

It was here that Galen grew up to the age of fourteen, with his mother and father, the new planet was something great, they seem to fit in, along with the locals. It wasnt long before they were locals themselves. It being four years since their trip from Naboo, Galen has been off his force training for nearly two years, almost forgetting his daily exercises workouts and force projection strategies. Though it never leaving his mental thoughts, his mother and father not taking the time to train him anymore, seeing as he is old enough to wonder and seek out his own training for himself, this is what Celeste and Marlok believed, seeing is that how they trained. Galen did just as they figured he would being at the age he was now. Galen was of proper age to learn on his own and did just that. Galen didnt take much time to practice nor would he be in the habit of doing so himself without the proper instructor. Galen much rather was interested in fixing machines, vehicles or whatever he could get parts for. Galen would often help with the machinery around the town for the locals that were in need of assistance, he also helped his father with the Talon Switch ship they had purchased back on Naboo, becoming quite familiar with the tools of trait and fixing up ships, he became a mechanic for the Nimbus Cruiser pilots, to which got Galen an interest in becoming a pilot, though was never quite accepted as a pilot, his perception of sight in one eye was lower than the standard that pilots needed, Galen had a 20/10 depth perception, which was a natural defect in his birth, nothing scarring just simply how he was born. though the pilots very appreciative of his craftwork with fixing ships that he could more than acceptable to become a co-piloting engineer, to which Galen took up in a heartbeat, decent pay and that was some money to bring home to the folks.

Galen was actually technically enlisted within the Rogue Fox Pilots, which was the 242nd Pilot Fighter Squad in the Rebel Alliance, though Galen was not aware of this nor did he receive any notification of it, though it was taken that if he could work for the pilots, he could help serve his cause. Galen was later notified of his enlistment, which was against his will, though seeing as he already took it to heart that it will be his calling to be a co-pilot/engineer he would do so and help serve the alliance. Galen was promoted to Lance Corporal and there on out was help serving the Alliance in the fighter's division.

Galen was now the age of fifteen, and was a regular member of the Rogue Fox Fighters Division. Everything in his life was what he had wanted it to be, different and at a comfortable setting. While in the Fighters Division he had received such awards as Entry Comrade this was awarded to him from saving a fighter from crashing by actually doing manual repairs while the plain was in flight, saying his pilot "comrade", which he was rewarded, and of course the Service Award Ribbon for enlisting and serving his faction.

The life of Galen Kento was going well, his family was in a secure location and Galen was living his potential as a Star Fighter and living to what he believed was a peaceful life. It was until that a fateful day that the Empire had came over Corascaunt for what seemed and looked as a full scale invasion. It was on this day that Galen was working with his father on an old Model T 22039 Tri-Wing when the sounds of Star Cruisers broke into a pitching sound of after disrupted the ground and catching the attention of all the residents that were residing in the area. As Galen remembered there was a strange look in his father's eye, something like a twing of fear and pulsating adrenaline. Galen checked his communicator to see that the Squadron was gearing up and ready to provide the moving forces with air support. Galen was to move before being stopped by his father, there he was pulled by his arm and directed to other orders, at first Galen declined, knowing that he had a duty with the squadron, though from his father's sudden and first ever sturn-ness he knew that something had to be happening.

Galen's father eventually brought him to their house that was settled in the middle of the city, to which on the horizon could see that Imperial forces already began sending ground invasion with the infamous 501st Stormtroopers raiding the city. Galen was panicked not ever experiencing face to face combat before, though with Marlok and his calm battle meditation could easily guide through the battle and warn torn city with ease rather than panicking just as his son was doing as he led them through the city, which eventually led them to the Kento House. It was there that Galen had discovered his true calling. Marlok had gathered a small bag and two sword hilts, those that mimicked the look of Galen's old wooden blades, that his father had crafted to look like his lightsaber hilts. Marlok gave the sabers and backpack to Galen, which he then further instructed Galen to make his way to Naboo, find the Jedi Academy and go in search for Master Zabrak, he will inform him of what he is to do. Galen was a little confused though, knew that his father always knew best of him. Without another question Galen took the souped up (with many repairs and enhancements) Talon Switch and escaped the planet and somehow bypassed the blockade that was made by Imperial Cruisers in the orbit of Corascaunt.

Galen knew better than to look back, knew better than to go back and try to be a Hero, he was torn, his father and mother were both down there, and to not his knowledge as if there were dead or alive, all he knew is that Master Zabrak better fess up with some considerable information.


Galen now at the age of seventeen, and did as his father instructed him two years ago, and to which he finally made it to Naboo, there was so much that he had missed and there were so many changes to the planet that Galen had barely recognized it. Though he knew where the Jedi Temple was, and honestly it was hard to miss, it was the featured and tallest building on Naboo, and directly in the middle of the districts.

Galen had came in contact with Master Zabrak within the Jedi Academy, and to which he presented his father's lightsabers to which Master Zabrak must have known to whom these belonged to, at first Zabrak thought that Galen was a murderer bringing the lightsabers of his recently fallen victim, though with a chit chat with Galen, he come to discover that this was indeed the son of Marlok. To that extend Zabrak had considerations of letting him join the Jedi Academy, for he was the son of Marlok, and knowing that he might have been passed the force sensitivity. Nothing further was done until a proper midi-chlorine calculation was done, to which Zabrak could see just how powerful Galen was (force usage only). Beyond that point Galen was offered a position within the Jedi Order, though as everyone has to, go through the proper training at the Jedi Academy to therefore hone his skills as a Jedi, Galen was a little doubtful of wanting to stay and wanted to return home now that his task was done, though he finally understood that his father did not send him away to give word to the Jedi, but at the same time save his son's life and enter him into a world that he would fit, a place that could become a permanent home. Galen returned to Master Zabrak and accepted the offer of entering the Jedi Academy, with preparation he was inserted and began his training immediately.

Galen had shown high talents within the field of force projection to which he could lift more than average heavy objects, even generate a large force blast that could send perfectible homing objects, even once recorded that Galen stopped a blast of force lightning from one of his classmates, to which he redirected and struck him with (in account of self defense he was not to be punished). Galen shown potential to become a very powerful force user, though he had lacked proper lightsaber techniques, to which his force training was a main priority, he was to be trained in the arts of fighting, to which he was offered a few of the seven lightsaber combat forms. To which Galen seemed comfortable with the forms of: Form IV: Ataru, Form VII: Juyo / Vaapad and Form III: Soresu .

With his Ataru form Galen was swift and hard to catch with a saber strike, making the most out of the spinning and aerodactic combat, allowing flips, large jumps, rolls and various movements to make his combatent lost in the flurry of combat and lose focus, allowing Galen the upper hand, though he knew that a high agility would not be the only thing to rely on, to which he learned the other two forms of combat to balance his technique.

The Juyo/Vaapad form Galen found a loss at his hands, with this form he would strike furiously, with bold attacks, that with combined with his Ataru form would seem to be a devastating combination though with Galen's lack of defense in his lightsaber skills, he would be left open way to often, both ground and aerial combat. To which Galen added one more form to his arsenal to finally balance his saber to saber combat.

Galen's last and final learned form was Soresu, with this form Galen balanced out his style, adding a more defensive approach, though still not being so great with defensive techniques, finding it easier to just kill or strike his opponent before they got to him, though as we all know did not work out so well all the time, he implemented that the Soresu form was difficult for him, due to the lack of defensive skills, though he became moderately skilled with the form and stuck with it, making it a total three forms he learned, never giving much consideration to the rest of the forms.

Galen after lightsaber form configuration he went back to his force ability training, to which he was far more talented in, moving through the academies lessons to which exceeded their training plan, such as he did with his mother and father's lessons on how to hone the force, with this power Galen received quite a name for himself on Naboo, well more of amongst the Jedi who he fought along side with, Galen later graduated from the Academy and was taken in as a Jedi Padawan by Master Rahm, a decorated general from the Helian Prime War which took place when Galen was but a small boy living on Naboo. Galen would not set foot back into the academy again seeing as his basic training was over, now it was time to take it upon himself to learn the natural ways of the force and be the best apprentice he could think to be. Master Rahm had taken Galen for a reason, he was awe'd by his ability to use the force, though not to happy that Galen was a tab bit shorthanded on lightsaber combat, he knew that Galen would make up for it in his force projection. Galen's life was now onward to become a Jedi, and to serve the Republic.

During his time as an apprentice Master Rahm taught him the ways of a padawan such as patience and deliverance, something that Galen was not familiar with, as a co-pilot back on Corascaut he was always on constant alertness needing to be ready for split second reactions, though now with the Jedi, they have to be patient? Galen was not cocky not stubborn, just simply was questioning why he must be patient, why he must sit around when he has the power to stop evil, such as Rahm held the power too, though to much of Galen's disliking of waiting Rahm now being his master had no choice but to follow his orders and stay providential. Rahm came to the point of telling Galen that he has no other option but to wait around and meditate, he was a Jedi now and that was the way of the Jedi. Galen highly offended of his master's outrage took it to note that he should from that point on listen to his master and keep to the code of the Jedi, and keep his tongue behind his teeth.

It was then that the Jedi Order had received a warrant of notice from a reliable source that Sith and Imperial Troopers were seen in the outer rim, that which several Jedi, including Master Rahm and his Apprentice Galen were to board Republic Cruisers and each go to a distant district of the star and seek out if the tip off was a good source or just a fluke. Master Rahm and Galen were stationed along with the 411th Battalion Force on the large Republic Cruiser "Salvation", one of the few ships that was still in commission after the Helian Prime War. Galen admired the vintage ship, seeing parts that were no longer sold in the galaxy unless you happen to come astray one of the parts in an old salvage yard somewhere in the slums of Naboo. It was while on this mission that Galen had plenty of spare time on his hands, though Master Rahm suggested that he take the time to meditate and hone his force projection skills, to which Galen did..most of the time. There were more parts than anyone could use on the ship, some that were even capatable with one another, which with engineering most of his youthful life, Galen knew. With permission Galen took the parts to his docking room and found the spare time to work piece by piece with this machinery. It was a month later that Galen had created a thin nimble droid to which he named "WRECK" simply because the parts that were used to build here were from wrecked droids and salvaged parts from other droids that were tossed in the trash pods on the ship. With the droid in full operation it would become Galen's first friend that he has ever known,. WRECK's primary circuts were to help and aid Galen whenever possible, though being a droid he could not see past the obvious and tried to assist Galen way to often than had first thought when making him, though this had not bothered Galen, just to be able to work on machines and meditate he was complete in his own little bubble.


After a month of sweeping the fields of the outer rim Master Rahm was beginning to think that this tip off was a false call and that they were wasting their time out here in the field, it was no sooner than the words left his mouth that a distant transmission entered the room, and spoke of how they picked up scans from the nearby planet that seemed to be projecting some kind of activity though it was an odd activity field that the scanners were not familiar with, though Galen and Rahm knew immediately that the hand of a Sith was being played here, with that Rahm directed the pilots to bring them down and getting a better look at the terrain, it was worse than Rahm had originally suspected, the planet was a large massive jungle, deep rain forests as far as the eye could see, Galen and Rahm came prepared and armed themselves with jungle armor which would allow easy comfort and move-ability. With that Galen and Rahm took to them their sabers and unlocked from the ship, planning to sweep the planet to see if there was a Sith about, hoping the scanners were not just picking up something else. They continued through the brush hoping to find something, and which they did, a girl by the looks of it, a female zabrak who was sitting in an Indian position on a solid patch of grass, a opening from the forest, though the trees above only allowed a small amount of sun to pass through its folds. The woman simply stood and without another word ignited her sabers. Rahm and Galen knew immanently from the color of her saber and the amount of dark energy pouring from her that she was indeed a Sith, Galen's first encounter with the Sith. Combat began immediately as the Zabrak charged both Master Rahm and Galen.
I am posting the fight (role-played so people can see what happened in boxes

Quote :
Galen was the first to draw out his saber, with the Agility training that he endured at the Jedi Academy made him quick and precise with his movements, Master Rahm was handling his blade when the Sith Warrior sprang closer, it was a style similar to Galen's style, the movement of swiftness along with diverse movements to stray the opponents mind to get off track and focus to much on following movements of the body rather than what the deadly lightsaber was doing. Galen would not allow his style to be reversed and used against him like some inexperienced child The Zabrak female with quick movements shot her left hand to the side and with a rip of air Galen watched as his master was tossed aside, throwing him like a limp doll against one of the strong reinforced trees, trees that endured countless storms and hurricane like winds, snapped as Rahm punctured its truck and flew through to the other side, landing roughly on the ground, not moving, to Galen presumably knocked out for the time being. Galen drew up his blade to meet the end of the Sith's oncoming attack, the sizzling sound of their blades stuck and filled the space around them, within the dense jungle echoed and let out a screech of frightened birds not used to the sound to squawk and move to a different location. Galen had thought the worst possible outcome for this battle, his master, who was in affinity with the force long before he was ever in, was just flung like a cheap toy across the plains, leaving Galen alone to face this Sith Warrior. To much of Galen's surprise another swipe came close to his face, though luckily Galen pushing from the weight and force of the blade that was pushed against his to get a leaping start back, merely moved in front of him as he moved from its path. Galen countered quickly, applying one of his saber combat forms into play, allowing him to use both bold advancing attacks with aerial assualts, to which this Sith Warrior was destined to know how to block, though luckily the Sith warrior was uncommon with Galen's reverse grip blade technique Form Zero and Galen was able to keep at an arms race with the Sith Warrior, it was before the Sith Warrior caught on to the movements of Galen that he disarmed him swiftly and held the boy to his knees. Galen with a quick precise though was to use his strongest attribute, and with a jolting movement of his elbow backwards and thrusted his hand forward and punching the gut of the Sith Warrior that was before him, the shock of the punch, with the sheer force of brute strength would have done almost nothing, though with Galen's talent with the force and pushing it to his advantage by applying it to his punch was a devestating and well effective combination. To which resulted in the tossing of the Sith Warrior, though she was quick to shrug it off and find herself in the air, she leaped forward, igniting the two sabers that were on his side and was falling toward Galen, to which he took the well timed opportinutiy to force pull his blade to his hand and swipe at the Sith Warrior's legs, to which he was missing, with a force push of the Sith Warrior, Galen was launched down to the ground and held there by the sting of the blade that was pressed against his neck, it was the Sith Warrior's blade, Galen closed his eyes imagination of a simpler death. Though a sound struck out, almost as a piercing sound of a blade meeting flesh, Galen opened his eyes to see that his premonition of sound was accurate to that of what he thought it to be, there was a blue blade
pressed through the chest of the Sith, to which the blade was pulled and the Sith was left lifeless to fall to the ground and die. Galen moved his eyes to behind where the Sith was just standing moments ago before meeting death's cold embrace, there stood WRECK, wielding a lightsaber to which he dis-ignited and handed back to his "Master" Galen. Galen shocked stood up and embraced the droid, never thinking that it one day would save his life. The main circuits of WRECK was to help Galen whenever needed, this time it came through in a life saving dramatic way.

Galen thanking WRECK for saving his life

Galen used his tel-communicator to contact the ship, to which he too the lightsaber of the fallen Sith for evidence of their existence, with a helping hand both Galen and WRECK moved Master Rahm into the transport ship which brought them up to the main transport the "Salvation". Master Rahm had withstood severe damage to his face and eyes, the blast sent him into the course of the tree face first, in which the ruptured damage caused him to become blind. Galen couldnt help but feel a tab bit twinge of regret, perhaps if he had done something different Rahm would still have his eyesight, and everything would have been fine. Though Rahm did not blame Galen, rather the scum of the Sith that have no dignity or care of another's well being. With the piece of evidence they made a return trip to Naboo, to present it to the Jedi council.


Quote :
Once returned back to Naboo, both Master Rahm and Galen presented the lightsaber that belonged to the now fallen Sith, to the Jedi Council, to which they took the evidence as very very disturbing news. The Council had believed the Sith to have left the known Galaxy and moved on the districts of space that none can bother, though with this presented lightsaber and the evidence of the two Jedi they were knowing that the Sith Empire has indeed returned to the known galaxy with intentions of scoping out the Jedi. The council took in liberty to manage Master Rahm's wounds, seeing that he was now evidently blind, he could no longer fight for the Jedi, despite his connection with the force, with a hand to hand or saber to saber combat scenario, Rahm would surely die. For this reason, and this reason only that they had to dismiss Rahm from the Jedi Order though he was still aligned with the Republic. Rahm knowing better than to argue with the council took the honorary discharge with respect and dignity, though Galen had other points to bring to the council, angered by his master's years of work to be dismissed just like that he lashed out against the elders.

"WHAT!? This man has served the Republic just as long as any of you have, and now simply because he cannot see that makes him useless for the cause he fights for!?" Galen shouted, simply aggravated at the Jedi Council's decision.

The Jedi council merely took looks at the boy then to one another, as though mentally discussing what they should say to the boy, something that would push his anger down levels to control him or to bring some sort of explication for their reasons of letting Rahm go.

"Galen Kento, ive watched you grow from a lad ever since you arrived on this planet and became a part of this order" Master Jun said with a clarity that brought Galen back in memories of his own, remember the day his father had sent him to Naboo to become a Jedi, something Galen would never forgot.
"You of all people from the academy should know of a Jedi's capably young Galen. Being blind is a major cut in one's combat use, cutting them from being a helpful to others, and more importantly a danger themselves if caught in trouble, we love Rahm like a brother, we respect as though he were a part of this very Council, we understand your anger Galen, though what is just is done, we have spoken our peace, and it is not your choice as to how this man lives out his days." Master Jun continued to say. "Now please Galen, take a seat, there is much that we must discuss with you..Master Rahm, you may leave, though do please, find it in your heart to understand" Master Jun spoke to Rahm, to which Rahm went to bow and about faced, turning to the door and exiting the room.

Galen despite his just given order, marched out of the room to follow his master, wanting to speak to him before he left the order, and went to places that Galen would never be aware of, nor be able to ever see his master again, much less speak to him, Galen was experiencing heartache, felt troubled and he was lost without a Master.

"Master! Master Rahm!" Galen shouted as he sprinted down the large hallways, the cobblestone flooring clicking at the hard leather underneath his boot heel, sending echos into the hall that all in earshot could hear with ease, to which Master Rahm did hear, both the sound of footsteps and Galen's voice.
"Master Rahm, you cannot cannot leave the order, more importantly you cannot leave me here to learn on my own..." Galen continued, feeling deeply upset with this sudden happening.

Master Rahm merely smiled and pressed his palms on Galen's shoulders, holding them there as he spoke in that calm voice that always seemed so soothing to Galen's ears. "Galen, you must understand the outcome, I will admit to myself that im no use to the Jedi order, no use to fighting, I will remain here as a Jedi Historian, it is what I want, and that is my choice, though Galen, YOU will have to walk a different under a new master.." Master Rahm said simply.

Galen did not take the news lightly, knowing that he would be transferred to another teacher, and have to completly forget that Master Rahm was ever his master, Galen knew though that nothing could be done about this, and that he would have to let his master go. Galen watched as Master Rahm turned and marched down the hallway, leaving from sight, leaving from Galen's life, from Galen's teaching, from the Jedi council.

Master Rahm telling Galen that he will be under a new Master

Galen disdainfully returned to the Council room, upset and angry, though he had to withhold these feelings knowing that the Council will merely give him another lesson on how to control his anger, which he would receive anyhow do to his actions earlier. Galen opened the door, seeing the light from the open windows that were encased around the Jedi Council's high tower room, located on the near highest spot on Naboo. Upon his entrance Galen was met with faces of the Council along with another, that face being of an older man that he had not seen in the room earlier.

Clearly upset by Galen's actions, Master Jun turned to him with a face that Galen knew all to well that was an upset expression, despite his happy sounding tone. "Galen..take a seat" Master Jun said, slightly sturn. Galen this time, followed orders and took a seat, slumping into the soft cushion of the chair, resting his aching back against its make.

Master Jun turned back to Galen as he sat down and shoot his head, knowing that Galen was highly upset, though he continued to speak, giving Galen his briefing. "Galen Kento, this shall be your new master, please, he here, Master Anzate" Master Jun then motioned to the older man that Galen had spotted while entering the room. Master Anzate then stood from his seat and stood before Galen. He was a funny looking man, with a mustache, that appears as tendrils leaving his upper lip though it was a furry long strand that was the same color as his skin, to which he braided below on the tips of the hair, his face was scrunched, looking old, adding to his already wrinkled face. Galen was to be under his command now so he was expected to show respect, to which Galen, he was starting to accept the fact that there was nothing that he could do about the situation and might as well make it easy on himself by listening to what he was ordered to do.


Galen was now ordered as the Apprentice of Master Anzate, there was not much that Galen had known about the man other than he was a well respected general during the Great Passing War way before Galen's time. Little did he know as well that Anzate had another Apprentice under his wing, little did Galen understand that a Master could take on more than one apprentice though proving that Anzate did, made Galen stand corrected. The other apprentice went be the name Sateele Notka she was a female human, just under an age of Galen himself, she had tanned skin with a feature of dark hair, her figure was slender to which her clothing and robes exposed detail, she was small in structure, foreign by the looks of her eyes and skin of the planet Naboo. Galen really didnt touch base with Sateele, both being young and apprentices they had alot of spite between one another, though Galen didnt let effect him much, he was not there to please another apprentice he was under direct orders from the Jedi Council to be under teaching with Master Anzate.

[quote]Training with Master Anzate started sooner than Galen had expected, actually being ordered to report to a nearby transport with Master Anzate to which would take them to a location that would provide a decent training ground for Galen. Galen was not used to off planet training, he was always trained at a house on their training grounds, now under this new master he was going to a distant planet to train in order to become stronger. Galen not used to it sucked up the idea and went on the ship anyways and was awaiting training.

It was on the ship that Galen, Master Anzate and Sateele sat down and began to really start knowing one another. Though despite the tension between Galen and Sateele they talked for the sake of their new master. It was not long before Galen and Sateele were at "Speaking Terms" with one another. Though not exactly friends, they were at the level of being able to stand one's company for more than five minutes.

It was a few months later that the cruiser had reached a distant planet of Felucia, to which was very unknown in existence by Galen. It was here that Galen would receive his mastery training, though little did he know that.

(left) Master Anzate trains (right) Galen Kento

The training was something that was of an extreme, the harsh conditions of Felucia was that of a primative state, the air was foggy and visability was that of a few miles or nothing at all. The ground was moggy and slippery, hard to keep ones feeting or correct posture if they were running or moving quickly on their feet, causing combat to be at a very small chance of success. Galen being born on a planet that was not of the same terrain found it extremely hard to fight or much less move around the planet. Perhaps this was one of the many reasons that Master Anzate brought him here to train, an extra boost in trying to find one's strength and weaknesses. Galen with a bit of practice finally gathered the necessary skill to stand and fight with balance on Felucia, though going against a Jedi Master was something more difficult than he could have ever imagined. At this extent there would be no progress in Galen's training. It was a few months later that Galen had learned the skills necessary to be a combatant as a Jedi Knight. Master Anzate seen that he had the potential to pass the Trails if given the chance by the Jedi Council.

Months passed until Galen was at an experienced level of Jedi, surpassing Sateele on that of being a potential Jedi Master, Master Anzate would not break this news to her, being that she was sensitive when it comes to training to become a Jedi Master. Though there was still much more training to be done if he were to get back to the trials with full constant alertness, though with the Jedi teaching Master Anzate was not going to make Galen worry about his future, much less become nervous while already in training, the stress would be to much on the boy. So the training continued on the harsh climate of Felucia, along with the twanged forest, wild bush that made moving around in the forest nearly impossible, though it was all a part of training for Galen, to push harder and make it through the worst of scenarios. Months had passed on and Galen as finshed and was proving to become a Jedi Knight, though this was to be done back at the Jedi Temple, where the council would grant him this honorable reward.


The trio (Master Anzate, Sateele Notka and Galen Kento) were boarded upon the Salvation and ready to take transport back to Naboo where Galen and Sateele would receive their commiseration of training and being worthy of becoming a Jedi Knight, though with a slight drawback only one of them could become a Jedi Knight, thus making tensions high between one another. Upon reaching the planet of Naboo, where Galen and Sateele were happy to not have to fight the wilderness to move around felt at ease for the first time in months. Upon reaching the capital they were escorted to the Jedi Temple, where for the first time, Sateele was friendly to Galen, to which she recorded that she gained respect for Galen, seeing him as a valiant fighter, worthy of recognition, that of the two that he should be rewarded the rank of Jedi knight, that is the day that Galen had finally seen that Sateele and himself were going to be good friends. Upon reaching the Jedi Temple the two were presented before the Jedi council to which the following was done. (role-play within the quote)

Quote :

Galen stepped forward, walking beside Sateele, toward the Jedi Council that was branched high within their thrones, overlooking the two Jedi Padawans that had just returned from training. There was an odd vibe within the room, to which Sateele was slightly nervous for, Galen had seen his friend face countless enemies, stare danger in the face and merely think of a possible solution, she was tough, bold though when it came to politics and that of higher Jedi ranks, she melted on the spot. Galen himself was feeling a slight worry shoot through his chest, for the council could omit anything, despite his training they could drop him of gaining anymore rank, make him return to training, tell him that he is not ready. With a finally positive idea sprang into Galen's head, the two took kneel before the Jedi Council, there were eyes upon the two of them, Galen felt as though their gaze was shooting through his body, all the council being aware of his nervousness through simple appereance. It was then that Master Anzate stood forward in front of Galen and Sateele and introduced the two Jedi Padawans.

"Master Jun, as you well know already, my two Jedi learners, Galen Kento, and Sateele Notka, have completed their training on the planet of Naboo and have returned on this faithful day to receive your blessings", Master Anzate said with a bow before the council.

Galen ushered his head upward now, finally getting gaze at the council that were peering down on him. He seen Master Jun smile and turn his head to Master Wanser, as though they were discussing something, it was then that Master Jun sat a little straighter within his council chair and parted his lips to speak, "Master Anzate, as you well may know that only ONE of your padawans may reach the rank of Jedi Knight, as permitted by the Jedi Order before our time"

Master Anzate gave a kurt nod to his understanding of what Master Jun was saying, knowing full well that only one of them were to move on and become a Jedi Knight. Anzate turned with questioning eyes at his two apprentices, wondering out of the two, who would the council decide.

Master Jun gazed down at the two Jedi Apprentices, first looking to Galen and then to Sateele and with that gave a smile "I sense something, a great friendship between you two, a bond that developed over the course of your training yes?"

Galen and Sateele gave each other a look, though just becoming friends, knowing deep down that they always had a mutual understanding of Jedi between them, and that they will respect one another.

Master Jun continued with his speech as Galen waited desperately, "A tough decision is going to have to be made, and it is just as hard on me, as it is your Master, apprentices. Though speaking for the council, we find Sateele to be the most able to become a Jedi Knight..council adjourned, Sateele if you would follow us we will direct you to your knighting ceremony." With that final statement the council stood as Galen and Sateele both bowed to their Council leaders as Sateele turned and followed them down the grand hall. Galen stood stationary, he felt numb, worn, something breaking inside of him that he would not understand at this minute. Master Anzate went to his apprentice and placed a hand upon his shoulder and spoke softly to him "I am sorry Galen, the council speak in favor of all the Jedi, my word is not governed here, if it were I, would have made you both the Knights, you and Sateele both know this, though the council has something they think will work for you"

Galen angry, and confused shrugged the hand off his shoulder and moved to the balcony where the sun was just setting across the horizon, leaving an orange and yellow tone to the world below, the sun shinning off of Galen's skin. "What? More training, how much more must I give to prove worthy to them?" Galen spoke harshly, feeling hurt inside as though not good enough for that level of knighthood.

Master Anzate followed to his side and leaned before the balcony. "Training is something you need not more of, there is a fine reason the council did not pick you, im sure of it, they are never wrong, and I have never doubted their judgement"

Galen slightly more angry now turned to his master with a face that rocks would crumble to "WHO ARE THEY TO TELL ME IM NOT READY!?"

Master Anzate stood before Galen shaking his head at the boy's anger "They think you to rash..I am sorry" With that Master Anzate turned and made his way back torward the grand hall in readyness to see Sateele become knighted "You will be joining the cerimony this evening?" Master Anzate asked not turning around to see his angry apprentice.

Galen knowing that he would not miss his friend's knighting for the world, responded with a simple "Yes" before turning and following his master down the hallways into the Ceremonial room.

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NICE LOOKING PROFILE! (certainly long enough)
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