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 David Shuter

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Master David Shuter

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PostSubject: David Shuter   Mon Nov 25, 2013 7:16 pm

Full Name:David Shuter
Alternate Aliases:
Homeworld: Naboo
Age: 30
Date of Birth: 2,070
Species: Human
Weight:190 ibs
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: brown
Skin Color: tanned
Weapons: 2 lightsabers, one green and one blue
Armor: light armor, only worn when heading into combat, worn under normal jedi attire
Siblings : unknown.
Jedi Master: Luke Skywalker
Character Biography: David grew up on the streets, not knowing who, or what, his parents were. living on the streets made him tough, so he was a hard cookie to crack, he was muscular, because he had to be to survive. he disliked violence, but had used it to survive, to gather food, to keep his food, to stay alive. He was found by Luke Skywalker when he was 20, and was trained by him. he still does not know what happened to his parents, but gather they were Jedi in the old jedi order, and perished in order 66, or soon thereafter. he now helps master Skywalker teach the young new Jedi. (I can change if this is really the old rebublic, its kind of confussing between stromtroopers and the name being SWTOR..)
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David Shuter
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